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Gisborne Tairawhiti
Ah, journalists and subeditors must love any apiculture-related stories - just so they can spend time on that headline.
An article below on how Cyclone Gabrielle affected local beekeepers.
The ongoing effects are being felt as delayed varroa treatment has had many beekeepers struggling to control varroa numbers here - a Zoom meeting yesterday had about 20 local beekeepers sharing their experience and what they were doing to knock down numbers going into winter

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Hawkes Bay
I am a bit out of the loop these days. Truth be told I don't even know most of the new beekeepers around these days. I do know that arataki and kintail got off comparatively lightly which is not surprising as a lot of their sites are generational and they have plenty of knowledge of where not to put hives. The biggest problem is still lack of access with some lives that would have taken two hours to get to now taking close to 10.
There have certainly been some major losses with some beekeepers losing the majority of the hives but I just don't have a good handle on how many in total.