NZBF: Oxalic Strips - what do do once soaked?

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South Waikato
Hi, I am new to beekeeping and have just moved to the Waikato. I bought 2 colonies a week ago off a renowned source who said he treated his bees with Apivar in August.
I've ordered the kit from beequip for making Oxalic strips and want to put them in the hives as soon the strips are ready.
Can anyone advise on how the long they should stay in the hives for and whether the strips can be used continuously - or do the girls need a break from them?
We put O/A strips in about a month ago. Four per brood box.
Quite a few are chewed out and dust on the bottom boards.
We are re- charging the bees with more strips as we go around.... another two or three , depending on the strength.

We are still learning, but I'm inclined to keep stuffing them in until we start supering, when we'll place an O/A soaked shop cloth over the brood and under the queen excluder.

Of interest,was an article in the latest Advocate by DNA John about O/A possibly being detrimental to the bees gut health.
Having got acid in my eye a few weeks ago, I did wonder about the effect of the acid on the bees eyesight as well !

@stoney may well have some words of wisdom.