Resistant varroa disaster.

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I hear you @Fieldbee (Mary) ..... the year we used O/A as an autumn treatement , we applied staples as we took honey off in January. When we went back at the end of March, we found lotsa duds, whch leads me to believe that if using O/A as the honey comes off, then one needs to get around a lot sooner to re apply ... probably lke mid February.
It all comes down to a time and motion study ..... we 'd end up chasing our tails and have to either contract out the honey extraction, or hire a dedicated on call crew.
In the end we opted to use Apivar with it's thirteen week knock down .... There is no doubt it's more expensive , but it buys us time.
We still plan to use O/A as a spring treatement , and perhaps we should use Bayvarol next autumn so as to very nratly give the synthetics a two year cycle.