Surveillance project - Small Hive Beetle

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The search is on for 100 volunteer beekeepers to join a new Biosecurity New Zealand surveillance project, looking out for future bee threat- the small hive beetle.

Biosecurity New Zealand Deputy-Director General Stuart Anderson says the project is the latest of 14 targeted biosecurity surveillance programmes run around New Zealand.

"These programmes are all designed to give the earliest possible detection of exotic pest and disease incursions, so we have the best chance of future eradication or effective management."
This new project is unique in that it calls on volunteer beekeepers from the community to maintain traps in one of their hives. The exotic beetle traps are primarily checked by the volunteer, with the Biosecurity New Zealand surveillance team offering support. If they come across any suspect organisms during their routine checks, they will report these right away.

Beekeepers interested in joining the small hive beetle surveillance programme should visit Small hive beetle surveillance project.
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