100% Pure New Zealand Honey & Three Peaks merger.

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The founder of Timaru’s 100% Pure New Zealand Honey has called the company’s merger with Hamilton based Three Peaks Mānuka Honey a “positive step.”

The two honey producers announced the merger in a media release on Monday, calling the new business venture, The Mānuka Collective.

The Timaru honey producer’s owner, Steve Lyttle, said Three Peaks had approached them about the venture and called Hamilton based producer a “great company” with “strong family values.”

“We were ready to retire anyway when they approached us,” Lyttle told The Timaru Herald.

Or they see opportunity opening up and need supply continuation.
Even though Sean is on the board of APINZ with me I have no insider info on this merger, and this is only my opinion
This merger would make perfect sense. Neither businesses or brands individually carried much weight. Both business are still relatively small. Bringing them together provides economies of scale and cost savings (removal of duplication) very much needed as the industry develops competitively.
The combined brand and product range provide for a more compelling sales pitch.