A day in the life of a beekeeper

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I came across this article which is a content partnership between Comvita and Newsroom, but it was a really well written piece and worth a read:

If you want to write a story about beekeepers, you better be prepared to get up early. I talk to Alejandro Gibson, Comvita’s Taupo-based apiary manager, at 7am, but he’s already been up a couple of hours, is dressed in his hi-viz gear, and is champing to get off the phone to head off to his hives, before it gets too hot for the bees.

Talking to journalists? Not high priority on a sunny day.

But then I ask the question: “What’s it like being a beekeeper?” and any impatience or reluctance disappears. Gibson’s love for bees is infectious - almost an hour later, when I press stop on the Zoom recording, I’ve caught the bug.

I’m hooked on bees and beekeeping.