Are ministers ignoring the true issues facing the beekeeping industry?

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Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor focuses on optimistic "red herrings" and ignores the true problems facing the apiculture industry, beekeepers say.

Although honey export volumes had increased 28 per cent to 10,288 tonnes in the year to June 2020, export revenue had increased by just 20 per cent to $425 million in the same period.

A media statement from O'Connor said that "favourable weather conditions in most manuka growing regions" had enhanced hive yields for the 2019/20 season, "with some beekeepers estimating it as the largest manuka honey crop in recent years."

But South Wairarapa manuka honey producer Stu Ferguson said that the minister's comments were retrospective and had no relevance to the current situation.

I caught up with a mate of mine yesterday. he was busy extracting his honey ..... actually it was my honey that he took as site rental for allowing us to put our hives in his yard.
By the time I got there he was onto the last box and had extracted a bit over 300kg.
He sells it at the front door for $30/kg.

Not bad coin really..... or quite an expensive site rental . Either way, the picnic spot is nice !
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