Historic: BeeFax - the "new" means for bkpr communication...

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In the early 1990s the National Bkprs Assn produced both the quarterly NZ Bkpr magazine and the monthly Buzzwords newsletter. The editors for Buzzwords, for its 5 year life, were first Andrew Matheson, and then Cliff Van Eaton, both MAF Apic Advisors.

When Buzzwords was axed in late 1993, MAF still wanted to get that sort of "monthly" information out to the industry - but this was, for most people, before the Internet. The "new" technology was the fax machine!

For just over 2 years in the late 1990's BeeFax newsletter was faxed out monthly to bkprs who paid the small subscription. For some of that period, the NBA included BeeFax into the NZ Bkpr magazine, ensuring a wider, if not so 'immediate' an audience.

Cliff Van Eaton gratiously provided the original production files to me - but they are in a form of MS Publisher that I have been unable to convert effectively. I have the *words*, but not any images. But given that BeeFax hardly ever had images, that is mostly OK.

You may find some interest in what "modern communications" back then. It was only shortly after the end of BeeFax that email distribution lists first started being effective in NZ.

BeeFax newsletter