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We are students from the States currently staying in Wellington. We are working on a research project on beekeeping/bees and would love to learn all we can. If anyone is interested in meeting with us we would love to help with anything you need, please reach out either here or email:
We also have a survey about people's calendars that we would love to have filled out. We would love to have a conversation to get a sense of your beekeeping calendar and learn what you do throughout the year.

If you come to Auckland where I am please let me know :)
Sadly, we will not be :(
If you have any time to spare, we would be more than willing to interview you on your experience with beekeeping.
If you do not want to interview, perhaps you would mind filling out this Calendar Tool, basically your "season" for beekeeping.


Thank you so much!


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Cheers. I filled in your calendar, nice tool (y). Happy to be interviewed also, phone number is 0274725914