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I have written about honeybee colonies' energy 'account balance' before and I think it’s both interesting and potentially useful. I was hopeful that this study from a group of Australian researchers might add to that. See what you think, unless you’re very keen, just read the last part, the ‘Discussion’. It’s not clear to me they understand beekeeper’s ‘practice’, or the reasoning behind it.

This last part is almost offensive! “Given the lack of iterative product-process change in apiculture and a lack of integration of scientific knowledge into practice and products, both hive design and apicultural practices may be readily enhanced…”
Or to put that another way, you’re stick-in-the-muds, pay no attention to new information, and it would be easy to improve things.


Thermal Impacts of Apicultural Practice and Products on the Honey Bee Colony. Daniel Cook, Alethea Blackler, James McGree, and Caroline Hauxwell. Journal of Economic Entomology, XX(XX), 2021, 1–9 Apiculture & Social Insects, doi: 10.1093/jee/toab023

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