Comvita's New Retail Experience

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Auckland and Golden Bay
Semi Commercial
So biked down to Quay St Auckland to check the new store layout for Comvita.

I know Comvita doesn't always get the best reviews on this forum but I liked what they had done. Really enthusiastic staff, keen to explain but also let me explore. They have a new Augmented reality on an app which was very cool. They stayed clear of all the practical complications of beekeeping and focused on a laymans perception of honey.

Liked the 180 degree video and with their nice touches for extra sensory effects. My question to anyone else who had been through this store, when the video scene has Ruapehu on LHS did you think that was fake? The rocks and trees in that scene made me think the bush was from Australia but with 3d bees and touches of NZ. Either that or I need to get out more cause I haven't seen that part of the country.

Anyway they are definitely trying something different, I liked it so I wonder what others will think.