Creamed Honey

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My first extraction of honey, 6 weeks ago, has gone from runny to quite a thick consistency, even in this heat, sitting in its bucket. I noticed that a jar of it I was using a few weeks ago, was starting to look like it was going 'creamed'. Which I was quite happy about, as I want to cream some anyway and was thinking I would need to buy a starter. So I put that jar away.

I have just checked that jar today, and it has set well, it now appears to be creamed honey, which I am pleased about!

My question is, is there a reason that it has done this by itself? I realise that honey does cyrstalise, but this has been quite fast and in warm weather... Is it the content, eg clover or such like, which is more prone to going that way.
My understanding is that the crystallisation rate is affected by the relative amounts of fructose, glucose, and moisture. It will happen faster when there are microscopic particles like pollens as well. As Trevor suggested, some floral types tend to have characteristics that favour self-crystallisation, and some don't.
Well after seeing that a jar that I put away a couple of months ago has set just like creamed honey, I decided to whip up the remains of the bucket it had come from, that has really crystalised. Will see how these jars come up after storage from todays whipping, certainly looks good and has good 'mouth' or whatever the wino's call it! View attachment 405
That looks like nice honey... what is it?