Historic: Edgar A. Earp Collection

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I just returned from a short time in Wellington, where I again took the opportunity to visit the National Library/Alexander Turnbull Libraries.

Edgar Earp was one of the very first apiary staff in NZ. Upon his retirement (?) in the late 1930s, he donated his own collection of books and other items - about 400 items in all.

They are not really easy to get at - you can't just browse them on the shelf. You have to order them from the catalog. But to be able to hold the programme for the 1913 beekeeper's conference in your hands, with E.A. Earp's signature stamp on it - pretty amazing.

I'm hoping at some point to make some of his earlier writings more available. Earp worked through that period when AFB was to be controlled under legislation - but control often meant 'shook swarming', a less than effective measure to eliminate disease from one's colonies...

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