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The latest Apiarist's Advocate makes a reference to
With a vote due in 2023 on another levy paid by beekeepers – that used to fund the AFB National Pest Management Plan –Lindsay says the SNIBG are promoting a thorough discussion, but have yet to take a stance on the issue.
The review of the PMP will be happening about that time, but my understanding is that there will be no referendum on the 'acceptability' of the PMP levy. If the Minister believes that activities of the PMP are appropriate, the levy follows immediately on. The levy itself would not be up for specific scrutiny, and there would not be a referendum for support - that sort of referendum is not any part of the Biosecurity Act.

Just to confirm my own interests - history and disease control - I would mention that the only such 'ballot' to indicate the industry support for the aims of the plan for dealing with AFB occurred back in 1996. At that time, beekeepers chose to have a single levy (under the Commodity Levies Act) rather than using the (referendum-less) Biosecurity Act levy. And the beekeeping industry supported the NBA and the (then) Pest Management Strategy with more than 70% support.

When the NBA failed in the early 2000s to achieve a subsequent commodity levy, it led to the current PMP levy - the Minister approved that (again, without any sort of ballot) as it was felt the PMP was ultimately (1) achievable and (2) good for the industry and the country.

So while we might start to hear more calls for "Why don't we get to vote on this?", it seems clear that the continuation of both the PMP and levy are purely at the discretion of the Minister, and his decision will be based on the review of the PMP.
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