Feasibility of working with NZ beekeepers

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Hello NZ bee lovers,

Hopefully this is an appropriate place to post my question, please remove if not.

My husband and I are planning our yearlong Work Holiday in NZ and are curious if there's any likelihood of us finding work on bee farms. The obvious thing many foreigners seem to gravitate toward is fruit picking, which we're not opposed to, but I'd love to know if the beekeeping industry works in a similar way by hiring independent contractors to help out during the busy seasons, or if the parameters for bee work is much more strict.

For context, we have been active learners in our beekeeping community here in Oregon (U.S.) and have managed our own Warre hive (but only for a year).

We plan to arrive in NZ in September of this year :) We'd also like to get a van upon arrival, so accommodations wouldn't be necessary.

Thank you in advance for any comments, suggestions, etc!



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Fruit picking wages are currently $1 per minute if that gives you something to think about. I know the beekeeping industry wouldn’t be able to compete with those rates.
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