Glacial Acetic Acid and Waxmoth.

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It has been suggested to treat frames for Wax moth with Glacial Acetic acid as a fumigant.
Freezing is obviously a simpler method, but when that's not an option- is this?
Would airing the frames be enough to get rid of any residue?

Method- Caution with use essential- eye protection, face mask, rubber gloves and overalls -this stuff is corrosive to metal and toxic- treat outdoors. Dispense 25ml per box to an absorbent pad and place on top of uppermost frames –the fumes are heavy and drift down. Place boxes on top of each other on a solid wooden base with a wooden roof and tape all seams with masking tape i.e. create airtight? If only a box or two you could use a “wheelie Bin” liner tied tightly.

Repeat after 2 weeks if required.

Results- Very efficient in destroying moth eggs and caterpillar stages- may need to expose pupa to achieve total kill

Said to be effective against Nosema spores and a range of pathogens

Remember to thoroughly air the supers before putting them back on a hive.
Overseas they use a product called Certan of B401 (Vita) for the control of wax moth when frames off the hive and in winter storage. I have used an Organic Caterpillar spray, as used on the white moth larva, and it has worked for me.