Greytown Honey Country Calendar, Sunday, April 4

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In a bid to seek a better work/life balance, the couple moved to Greytown where Karly grew up and her family still live.
Karly’s parents, Deb and John Simmonds, had their own honey business and helped the Polascheks establish Greytown Honey.
They began working with John, a fourth-generation beekeeper, who shared his knowledge – and his hives – with the couple.

“We worked alongside each other,” says Karly. “We started Greytown Honey in 2011 and we worked together right up until he passed away last year, so it was pretty special for us.”

She says they realised five years ago that bulk honey was going to be a flooded market and they began to think about how to diversify.

As well as expanding their range, they also started educating people, from kindergarteners through to Rotary club members, on bees and why they are so essential.