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Hi all - please see the below from a researcher. Spare a pottle of honey buddy ?

Dr Megan Grainger from the University of Waikato is involved in a number of research projects involving honey and currently needs fresh honeys.

Projects include gaining a better understand the diastase levels in NZ monofloral honeys and evaluating the chemical fingerprint of monofloral honeys and elemental fingerprint of mono- and multi- floral honey from different regions of NZ.

If you would like to send one or more samples to help with this research, samples of approximately 50g can be sent to:

University of Waikato
Science Store
Gate 8, Hillcrest Road
Attention: Megan Grainger

The following details are required (either included in the package or sent as an email): floral type, date of harvest, location of hive (e.g. Hillcrest, Hamilton, or GPS), land type (e.g. urban, bush, farm, orchard). Plus your contact details.

If you want to discuss your samples before sending them, please email me at: