Beyond Bee Books: Honeybee behaviour video

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This goes 'Beyond Bee Books'. It is a really interesting Open Access publication released today, not just with pictures but moving pictures! I'll let the authors describe it:

"In this study, we provide a comprehensive source of online video material that offers a view of honey bee behaviour within comb cells, thereby providing a new mode of observation for the scientific community and the general public...Our qualitative study provides insight into worker behaviours, including the use of wax scales and existing nest material to remodel combs, storing pollen and nectar in cells, brood care and thermoregulation, and hygienic practices, such as cannibalism, grooming and surface cleaning. We reveal unique processes that have not been previously published, such
as the rare mouth-to-mouth feeding by nurses to larvae as well as thermoregulation within cells containing the developing brood. With our unique video method, we are able to bring the processes of a fully functioning social insect colony into classrooms and homes, facilitating ecological awareness in modern times."

You need to read the discussion for a description of the various behaviours recorded, and from the links provided download the associated .mp4 files. Some of you may have to ask a child for assistance, but it really is worth it if you have any interest in bee behaviour.

Siefert P, Buling N, Grunewald B, (2021) Honey bee behaviours within the hive: Insights from long-term video analysis. PLoS ONE 16(3):e0247323.


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Wow what great videos. Certainly resolved a few things I have always wanted to know.

Nice find Dave (y) :) .