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The Giesens run a sheep-and-beef farm in Hunterville, Rangitikei, and are big believers in self-sufficiency. Giesen built a garden to grow their own produce but something crucial was missing.

“We needed pollination for my garden,” says Giesen.

“There were no bees around so I just thought, ‘Right, I’m going to do it myself’. Got a couple of hives and it’s just evolved and now we’ve got 150 hives and it’s become part of our business.”

Country Calendar, TVNZ 1, Sunday February 14

Yes I suppose in reality, one realises that not all stories are as good as they seem, or can go pear shaped like anything in life...but at least it provides a bit of Sunday night escapism, to see people enjoying what they do. Actually it's about the only 'reality' show that I make any time for!
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