NZBF: Moving hives into area with AFB notification

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I had a 2km AFB notification for my urban apiary in May, July & September. I currently don’t have any hives at home in this apiary, but do wonder about the sense of moving hives into this area when it’s a den of disease and pestilence.

On the plus side, kudos to whoever keeps finding the AFB. But on the other side I can’t be bothered thinking it could happen to me.

How do people cope with these things? Like the guys around Ashburton where that keeper seemed to be actively cultivating AFB… he certainly wasn’t trying to keep healthy bees.
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Hawkes Bay
If I moved my hives out of the red zones I would hardly have any sites left.
There is nowhere left to move them to as every nook and cranny around here has 2 to 10 times as many hives as they should.
I work proactively with the management agency which has kept my AFB down to manageable proportions.
I try not to stress about it but it does occasionally get to you.
Mid Canterbury
Semi Commercial
We are one big red zone, have been for a number of years, so am paranoid about AFB. Currently my grafting yard is a greater distance from home that I would like in terms of fuel and time, but it is on one of the biggest farms in the area, so apart from blackcurrant pollination this gives me a buffer zone. I am paranoid about robbing, which is an issue in a cropping area. At the moment, it would be nice if there were more nectar & pollen sources, but there ain't and I am doing stimulation feeds simulating a nectar flow, so have to be careful with robbing. Around here, once the crops are harvested, and this can be as early as Waitangi Day we go into robbing mode, unless there is some minor flow, and this is when robbing occurs. Can't inspect a whole apiary in one go, have to come back the next day. But I am a great believer in using hive mats, as well as being aware of the time frame that I can inspect a hive in, to prevent robbing. So, hive mats, using you smoker, having bee proof hives, and knowing when to and when not to inspect your hives, and feed your hives are major factors in preventing robbing, and I believe major factors in not spreading AFB.

I have lost queen cell orders because I am in a red AFB zone.
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