Neighbours spraying land next to my hives

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How did this end up?
They havent sprayed yet. However I think when they removed all the rubbish and junk they unearthed at least two wasps nests. We have had wasps around the hives and gardens and the wasps also attack each other. There were 7 outside the hive yesterday.
I've got some lure and a trap I'm putting in today.
I'm going to talk to next door and nail down a time frame.
Thanks for the interest / asking
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Here in Am'rka, I run on screened bottoms nearly all year round, so if and when I need more ventilation, I would put another screened inner cover atop below the telescoping cover. 1. I would ask the sprayer to spray at night or at dusk when the foragers are back at home, 2 and then I would close up the bees overnight while waiting for the carcinogenic crap to dissipate overnight. 3. You might consider having a bee insurance or document your loss just in case, as well.

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