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I did part of a day's work (it only took me about three days to do it) to add some more material to the Beekeeping Digital Archive. Altogether, 625 more pages of information.

(1) A discussion paper from 1967. M.D. Bale (later respected for his work with the World Bank re: agricultural economics) started a thesis on honey marketing in NZ, but did not finish it. Percy Berry stepped in and paid for it, resulting in the discussion paper. The copy I have had some handwritten notes on the back inner cover where someone has recorded "Percy's Policy" - I wish I remembered where I got the booklet.

(2) The 1983 MAF Seminar that was part of the Nelson NBA conference, with an emphasis on pollination and biological control.

(3) NBA Annual Reports - still more to add when I find them in my boxes, but I have 1975-1992, and then 2001. Most of these have a good description of the NBA's activities through those years.

(4) The Packers' Assn newsletters. I have the start of these - December 1976 - but only a few years. Again, many more to 'fill in the gaps'. If there are any pack rats out there that retained the whole series I'd be glad to add them!

Next in the queue, I think, might be "The Apiarist". Sort of a pain to scan, as each page is A3. Being newsprint, it is a bit unwieldy to spread out and flatten down to get a good image. But that publication lasted for quite some years, and has a valuable mix of news, opinion, price lists and statistics...
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