Oxalic strips - quantity of chemicals

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Te Horo
This is probably covered in the previous sites lengthy posts on this but if one was doing 200 staples, what would the required quantity of oxalic acid and glycerine be approximately?


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I think for standard length stitched gib tapes of 400mm that the normal amount of ingredient is 20g for each one.

So if you were doing 200 that is 4kg of solution. Using 40/60 mixture that is 1600g OA and 2400g of Glycerine. Using that amount of solution I put the bucket I use on a 30 deg angle and rotate it 45 degrees whenever I walk past it. After about 3 days I remove all the tapes and put them back in the bucket again so the ones on the top are at the bottom and vice versa. After about a week they are dry, but greasy and there is no surplus solution. Using rubber gloves I put these into the holders.

Then again if you were using those "staples" you probably also have or should get, the WORD document and so it would be better to ignore me and follow directly what the instructions say in latest version of that (?).
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