Reviewing Healthy Bee, Sick Bee.

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Healthy Bee, Sick Bee: The Influence of Parasites, Pathogens, Predators and Pesticides on Honey Bees by Phil Lester (Victoria University Press, $30) is available in bookstores nationwide.

Dr Mike Dickison reports from the beehive

New Zealand has too many bees. This seems a strange thing to say, with protestors worldwide demanding that we Save the Bees. After all, if all the bees died, wouldn't humanity shortly follow? No, we wouldn't, but tomatoes and almonds would be a lot more expensive. Honeybees and bumblebees are needed for some crops, but in New Zealand about half our pollination is done by moths, flies, and native bees.


Dave Black

BOP Club
Bay of Plenty
Humour is a wonderful thing. Great review.
It is a really good book, myth-busting and bang up to date, a book about diseases that's actually an enjoyable read!

I want to buy his earlier book 'The Vulgar Wasp' now.
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