Selling honey is a sensory experience

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Honey business Comvita has opened an experiential store that taps into shoppers’ senses to give them a better understanding of bees and honey.

After eight months of planning, design, and construction the Wellness Lab opened to the public last week at Comvita’s original shop beneath New Zealand Trade and Enterprise on Quay Street, next to Auckland’s Viaduct.

The store flips the traditional bricks and mortar retail model on its head by creating a space that is less about selling products and more about raising awareness of bees and honey through an immersive sensory experience that is educational and enjoyable.

A main feature of the store is a 180-degree theatre where customers can book a spot on a 45-minute tasting experience, hosted by beekeeper and bee-breeder Noelani Waters.

The guided tasting educates visitors on the history of honey, how it is made and the properties of different types of honey, by stimulating customers’ smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste.