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tommy dave

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mostly wellington, sometimes dunedin
I see @Grant has locked the apinz advertising thread The New Zealand BeeKeeper journal . Fair.
amusingly(? or maybe speaks to their professionalism, and why they faced, and continue to face, such resistance in their claim to represent nz beekeepers?) apinz have set up a shill account on facebook, "Janet Doe" with which to spam various beekeeping groups. Probably the same person as @ApiNZInfo , but how would you know...
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It is the same person - and due to concerns expressed on that page I have changed the Facebook user name to Apiculture New Zealand so it is clear who is posting. The name Janet Doe was in use long before I came into the role and was kept the same as people in this role change. If you wish to talk to me about this or anything else, you are always welcome to contact me at ApiNZ where I work.
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I have nothing against apinz. I have nothing against the nz beekeeper journal. I have nothing against anyone else wanting to advertise on this site. But they do need to do so in the correct area of the website.

But in the same way they are seeing subscriptions to pay for their service, so I would expect the same courtesy. In the interests of being fair, I can't allow someone to post an advert because I like them and expect someone else to make a donation to allow them to do so.
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