Commercial Only: Spreading the love for native honeys

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Beyond an idea demonstrated by this post from @Goran

Another article relating to someone else trying to change the world's take on other types of honey beyond Manuka.

Food scientist Sunil Pinnamaneni has mixed feelings about the success of mānuka honey.
New Zealand has marketed mānuka honey extremely well, he said from his base in the United Arab Emirates.
“But at the same time we are not really doing anything about the other types of honey, which is a bit sad because if you talk to lots of beekeepers then you can understand their frustration.”
It’s something he, along with wife Sri Jyothi Govindaraju and Robin De Geus, founders of The Experiment Company and Taupō-based honey exporter Zealandia Honey, want to use research to fix.
They want to spread love to other native honeys.

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