Historic: The end of the Honey Marketing Authority...

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OK, many is the time I've started out to write about the start of the Honey Marketing Authority... Early 1950s, beekeepers wanting a better price for their honey, good years/bad years, nobody likes the packers except to sell honey to. So maybe times weren't that much different...

The HMA played a critical role in the marketing of New Zealand's honey, and ultimately on the local price and return to beekeeper. But all things come to an end...

By the end of the 1970s, the HMA was on its way out, effectively creating the market as we now have it, to some extent.

This document describes a significant meeting at the end of 1979. Names may be familiar... But it provides an amazing view into the attitudes and expectations of beekeepers more than 40 years ago now.

And I'll raise my coffee to Paul Marshall. I count Paul as one of the massively significant 'players' in beekeeping industry politics back then. Cheers, Paul - and thank you.

End of the HMA
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Hawkes Bay
I knew about half the people mentioned and had heard of most of the rest.Paul Marshall and I shared an interest in poultry amongst other things. I was too young to be really involved in the politics at that time but I can say unequivocally that beekeepers have been better off on average since the demise of the honey marketing authority. Mind you if we still had the HMA we wouldn't have the problem with low honey prices that we have at the moment. People would be used to them because they would be the norm.
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