Historic: The NZ Beekeeper magazine: 1914-1922

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The National Beekeepers' Association had only just formed - and they decided that they needed a monthly magazine... It lasted for about 8 years - 100 issues, before the 'stand alone' magazine was replaced with a 'pages in another rural magazine' model...

On my last trip to Wellington, I did manage to get images for all these 100 magazines - but I was restricted to a handheld camera. Unprepared as I had come, I used my phone. So some of the images are pretty poor, really. And at times, the camera settings might change, and I have even more loss of quality. But, ah, well...

So count this part of the archive as 'tentative'. It can for the most part still be enjoyable, but I look forward to a better opportunity to digitise: access to these same magazines that I can use with a digitising photocopier.