Trading wax for foundation

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Te Horo
I have a fair amount of wax built up over the years and was wondering if anyone knows who would either make it it foundation and costs vs just buying new or is simpler just to sell it ?
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North Auckland
Our bee group collects wax, and sends it to NZ Beeswax, for conversion to Medium brood, and even with courier each way, well worth doing - but if you are rural, pays to use a townie address to have foundation sent to, as courier is substantially cheaper. You don't get your wax back, but get a credit in weight. We buy 15 kg cartons of each FD and 3/4, and well worth the time. Each contributing beek must fill in a 'Producer Statement' - giving details of what treatments are used etc. To calculate approximate cost, Work out courier costs each way, + total cost of conversion - $6.50 /kg + GST cost is in their catalogue - at present it is $27.88 +GST. That is getting it back in 15kg cartons, and if you have any spare, you will have hobbyists queueing to buy it off you. Ring Tanya, and talk to her - she will email the producer statement form to you.