updated, hobbyist Instructions for extended-release oxalic acid

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randy has done an update to his instructions on how to make/use OAE. a couple of key points for a lot of us,

Note if you are working in an area with high humidity: place an airtight cover over the the hot solution and the matrices to minimize absorption of moisture from the air, otherwise the glycerin will absorb considerable moisture. One maker suggests working in a dehumidified room.
If all the solution does not absorb, the excess should be drained off before allowing the pads to completely cool.

i would use a humidity gauge to check humidity, even if you think your house/shed is dry, check humidity. you want it as low as possible, eg 30%.
this is so the mixture is not sucking in moisture from the air while your making the mixture,

pads/staples need to be drained while hot.
otherwise they will have excess mix sticking to the outside which could cause an overdose (and possibly cause hive failure).
if a mate sends you a bag of staples still in the mixture, you will need to heat it all up before removing the staples and draining the excess. (or just get them to send dry staples).
staples should be stored in and air tight container (don't let them soak up moisture before they get put in the hive). stables that have soaked up moisture may result in a faster spread of the acid in the hive, possibly resulting in hive failure.
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