Winter-bum toxicity

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Got a crawler up my sleeve last Monday afternoon, couldn't do much about it at the time, both my colonies are quite defensive....the bloomin thing
unloaded a complete magazine load into the underside of my forearm, and all week it's felt and looked like a swollen bruise. I'm now in complete
agreement with the older winter bees packing a bigger punch in their bums. I bought a pair of beautiful Pakistan goat leather gloves on Tuesday.
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got my first jab the other day. slight sore arm.
not sure if it was related but itchy fingers some hours later, but it went away quickly.

i had one of the early morning slots, good thing i got there early as appointment times went straight out the window.
it was a case of show up and line up. good thing i was early because by the time my appointment time came around the queue was rather long.
someone turned up late, thats ok just join the end of the line.
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Te Horo
3 weeks ago fixing up the hives that moved during transport, I was the lucky recipient of about 20 stings (jacket, veil and long gloves), no issues and yhr body took it pretty well. Yesterday, one yes only one feisty lady snuck into the gap between the nitrile glove and the cuff of the jacket, right on the wrist.
Tonight I had to go to the doctors, my hand and fingers had swollen right up, my fingers were turning blue, and it went right up past my elbow. I couldn't even touch my thump and forefinger together.
Some good steroids and prescription only anti histamine and things are slowly coming down.
Ask for a script with spares to put in my box.
The poor nurse is about to get her first nuc, Oops I didn't help the cause there.
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Hawkes Bay
I'm pretty convinced that old over wintered bees carry more potent venom than young bees. I also tend to react a bit more to the first few stings in spring when I haven't had a sting for months. I have done my first spring round and haven't had a single sting this year.
The number one factor for reducing the effect of any bee sting is to get it out as fast as you can. When they sting you somewhere inconvenient and you can't remove the sting until much later you get all the venom. When a bee stings you the sting will keep on pumping venom for some time in fact it's quite amazing to watch under a microscope.