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The beauty of lockdown is that I can spend time looking at how the site is working and one thing I can see if that we have approximately 50 - 60 regular members who visit each and every day. Some contribute and some don't. So here is my proposal.

Free advertising with guidance on how to use each aspect of the site to its best potential for your business.
Your business, your products, your services to promoted freely on the site. I'll try and give guidance as time allows, and we can look at how to make things work for you. All up you get access to the parts of the site that allow you to advertise, for 1 week free of charge. That advert stays visible for the normal duration of the listing afterwards.

Now theoretically there should be an avalanche of responses. No-ones going to give up an opportunity of free promotion of their business or products right? So ask your questions on how it works and lets see if this is a valid suggestion to run with. Express your feedback below.