NZ Beekeepers Forum Annoucements

NZ Beekeeping Forum Announcements
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You can now add the New Zealand Beekeepers forum as an app to your Windows or Android device, whether that's mobile, tablet or desktop. There are a number of ways to do this depending on the browser and OS combination but on mobile its simplest to use the menu icon. At the bottom you will see install this app.
NZBees or New Zealand Beekeepers started life in July 2011 as an apiary diary and discussion forum for my colleagues and I, who were at the time working towards the National Certificate in Apiculture. It quickly grew into an open resource for New Zealand based beekeepers. The vision, as back then, is for those who are experienced in keeping bees and those who are new to the hobby to come together in a place where they can share hints, tips and experiences to help protect and expand New Zealand honey bee population. The astute amongst you will notice our original website (archived) was formed on Xenforo software. Six years later it moved to the IPB platform and the read only archive of those 2 merged sites is now readable at Home In...
The beauty of lockdown is that I can spend time looking at how the site is working and one thing I can see if that we have approximately 50 - 60 regular members who visit each and every day. Some contribute and some don't. So here is my proposal. Free advertising with guidance on how to use each aspect of the site to its best potential for your business. Your business, your products, your services to promoted freely on the site. I'll try and give guidance as time allows, and we can look at how to make things work for you. All up you get access to the parts of the site that allow you to advertise, for 1 week free of charge. That advert stays visible for the normal duration of the listing afterwards. Now theoretically there should be...
NZ Beekeepers has this morning deployed an enhanced search tool. The new tool is quite server intensive and I will be monitoring server behaviour over the next few days to see if I need to reallocate resources or, if it becomes too expensive, turn it off. What are the advantages? Well its literally a dedicated server to allow you to search the site quicker and hopefully with more accuracy. Benefits you will notice: 3 letter search - AFB and Bee will now return results Similar topics. These will show at the bottom of selected threads and also when you create topics in certain forums. "is this being discussed elsewhere" If you have any feedback or issues please open a new topic under Site suggestions
A dark theme has been added to the design choices of how you view the site. You can change to NZBees Dark using the style chooser in the lower right of each page.
NZ Beekeepers is offering New Zealand based beekeeping groups and non for profit organisations their own discussion forum. If you would like to piggy back on our hardware and utilise our software platform - AT NO COST, then you are welcome to make an enquiry. Your forum could be fully public, partially public or completely private. You might want to allow all forum members to participate or just your own membership. You could even utilise the forum staff for moderation or moderate it yourself, you could even have your own colour scheme or branding. You can see how this works on a basic level, but if you are interested, please contact @Grant
Some changes to the domain name of the site for the discussion forums has now moved to the main domain name of while the archived site that was at is now at The only impact this will have for members is that they may see themselves logged out. This is due to the security certificates being changed for the domains. If you log back in this will resolve. More memory has been allocated to the main server, to improve response time and performance.
Does your business or beekeeping club have public facing events, training sessions, talks or field days? If so we'd like to remind you that the events calendar is the perfect way to advertise your event free of charge. We would ask that you don't repeat the item beyond 12 months, just so that we don't get stale events that are no longer relevant. Also it's strongly recommended that you make sure the listing is different for each occurrence and detailed - rather than acting as a placeholder for a monthly event with the same basic info, tell us what's happening that particular month, it draws more attention, so use repeat with caution. Each event also automatically...
All registered members of NZ Beekeepers+ with a SILVER upgrade or above, have the ability to add their contact details to the Local Honey & Produce Finder. Honey & Produce finder is intended to allow you to advertise your products to the general public as a retail sale. That retail sale is conducted off site, with your listing becoming a pointer to either your sales website or your physical shop. You are encouraged to be cute about it, make your advert attractive. Your classified listing title gets high rankings with Google and is targeting the public, so spend some time making the product look attractive, create a brand, don't just think of it as another forum post. Be honest and truthful in your advert and specify your types of...
All registered members of NZ Beekeepers+ have the ability to add their contact details to the Swarm Collection Service. Instructions are provided when you make a listing but briefly they are as follows: There is no charge to make a directory listing for swarm collection and we ask in return that you do not charge the public to collect a swarm, should they contact you using this service. Your listing runs for 12 months, after which point you will need to renew it, so please try and make it interesting and worthwhile.
Please note that as a gesture of goodwill, all previous members from the old site will be given a FREE 2 month user upgrade to BRONZE membership upon re-registering, if done so before the 31st January 2021. Those members who have current active subscriptions, will need to advise @Grant so that their subscription can be transferred. Please do this BEFORE cancelling your subscription on the old site. If you wish to support the site with a further upgrade, you can do so via