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All registered members of NZ Beekeepers+ have the ability to add their contact details to the Swarm Collection Service.
Instructions are provided when you make a listing but briefly they are as follows:

Instructions - delete these while making your listing

  • Title - put your company name or your name, do not use "swarm collection or similar
  • Attach a nice THUMBNAIL image to help promote you - logo or image of a swarm you have or a pic of you
  • Location, your business address or your town if personal as this information remains public as long as your advert runs (12 months)
  • Contact options other (these are public) phone or email

  • Description - the suburbs you cover, and something interesting about yourself, what you do and don't do. Make it amiable, you are selling yourself if there is more than one in your area

There is no charge to make a directory listing for swarm collection and we ask in return that you do not charge the public to collect a swarm, should they contact you using this service. Your listing runs for 12 months, after which point you will need to renew it, so please try and make it interesting and worthwhile.

Not open for further replies.