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All registered members of NZ Beekeepers+ with a SILVER upgrade or above, have the ability to add their contact details to the Local Honey & Produce Finder.
Honey & Produce finder is intended to allow you to advertise your products to the general public as a retail sale. That retail sale is conducted off site, with your listing becoming a pointer to either your sales website or your physical shop.

You are encouraged to be cute about it, make your advert attractive. Your classified listing title gets high rankings with Google and is targeting the public, so spend some time making the product look attractive, create a brand, don't just think of it as another forum post.

Be honest and truthful in your advert and specify your types of product and area of physical operation.

Instructions are provided when you make a listing but briefly they are as follows:
Instructions - delete these while making your listing

  • Title - put your company name or your name
  • Attach a nice THUMBNAIL image to help promote you - a logo or preferably an image of the product you are selling, or a pic of you
  • Location, your business address or your town if personal as this information remains public as long as your advert runs (12 months)
  • Contact options other (these are public) phone or email

  • Description - the product you are offering - if its a honey, describe what the honey is, include shipping costs and something interesting about yourself, what you do and don't do. Make it amiable, you are selling yourself if there is more than one in your area.
  • Where they can purchase it - you need an online presence or perhaps you are at a market on a set day/time.
Remember your advert runs for 3 months.

Your listing runs for 3 months, after which point you will need to renew it, so please try and make it interesting and worthwhile.
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