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NZBees or New Zealand Beekeepers started life in July 2011 as an apiary diary and discussion forum for my colleagues and I, who were at the time working towards the National Certificate in Apiculture. It quickly grew into an open resource for New Zealand based beekeepers. The vision, as back then, is for those who are experienced in keeping bees and those who are new to the hobby to come together in a place where they can share hints, tips and experiences to help protect and expand New Zealand honey bee population.

The astute amongst you will notice our original website (archived) was formed on Xenforo software. Six years later it moved to the IPB platform and the read only archive of those 2 merged sites is now readable at Home

In Jan 2021, rather than migrate 12,000+ topics, 230,000+ posts and 7,000+ registered members, the decision was taken to start afresh again using Xenforo as the platform. Now however a simple forum has the additions of a gallery, document library, classified ads, swarm collection service and a honey finder, and a lot more besides.

I hope you take the time to register and contribute and look forward to meeting you in the discussions.


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