Boutelje extractor warning

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Tristan your comments appear to be defamatory and I am surprised the NZ Beekeepers Forum would allow you to keep posting such damaging and inaccurate material, given their stated policies that defamation is unacceptable.
You may lodge the required HDCA complaint in the timeframe required if you feel an author has breached legal guidelines.

Continuing this, and a refusal to withdraw your accusations and to apologise may lead to legal action against you.
Anyone threatening legal action against an individual is legally required to identify themselves correctly, rather than using a pseudonym and a gmail address used by multiple people. Presumably if you are representing the company concerned, then you should be using both a name and identifying contact details so that we can ensure you are who you are.
More information is detailed in the section below
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I have sent my name and my details to and have sent a link to the HDCA form which is filled in.


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You're sort of at the point of how many times do you have to be told not to do what your doing. Simply for safety reasons if nothing else. If something goes wrong with it now and it kills a member of your staff, who would be to blame?

"The boss played with it against electrical safety advice, the advice of the manufacturers own electrician, the wiring rules and an electrical inspector". You sort of can't come back from that.

But yet you come back with a list of design complaints including ranting about pneumatics to the poor guy (an electrician) who is offering you good safety advice of working with the manufacturer to fix your issues so you don't get caught out by a dangerous fix because your interpretation of the rules may be a little off. Go figure.

At the very least go get your modification signed off with a new electrical safety certificate.
Just to build on that
It is illegal in New Zealand for prescribed electrical work to be carried out by non registered workers (there are some exemptions for home owners)
Even changing the plug on an extension cord requires a registered person with a current practicing license. Electrcial workers are required every 2 years to attend refresher courses. If the coures is not record on the government registrar you lose your practicing license and become liable for proscuation. which does happen.

Now we all know how passionate some people are about having hives registered, It would be nice to know that the passionate people also abide by other rules in the same passionate way
Not open for further replies.